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Steven Moffat is a god.

minor spoilers for Doctor Who 4x08 )

And I have a new layout and moodtheme.
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I've been quiet lately, avoiding MSN, not commenting other people's entries... I apologise for that. I need to rethink several things concerning friendship: my relatoionships with people are failing and I want to figure out why. Perhaps I'm past this stage of life when friends are most important. Perhaps it's time to swim alone. I'll be back some time in the future (in case you missed me - which I doubt).

Anyway, here's something for curious souls:
Peter Murphy, an enigmatic and charismatic leader of Bauhaus (the fathers of goth rock), has been following a very interesing path on his own. His solo albums are a mixture of rock, goth, pop, electronica and eastern inspirations. Some of his songs were catchy (see Cuts You Up with its oh-so-gothic video and the proof that Peter Murphy has the most amazing cheekbones on the planet), other - weird, but his music is rarely cheerful and this album is no exception.
I honestly warn you: it isn't easy to listen. The songs are long, trance-like, almost never-ending. They are also very likely to take you anywhere but here. Dust is a moonless night journey through the desert; mind tends to wander and you don't even notice when. Recorded partly in Istanbul with a significant input from Turkish musicians, it practically screams the Middle East. I love the violin here.


Oh, I have a new layout. It's painfully simple and I couldn't decide whether I liked it more in black or yellow but the gloomy weather chose for me. The header and default icon are from Rang De Basanti, which won a zillion prizes in Indian "Oscars" (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music, Best Cinematography, etc.) and I love-hate this film to pieces. Is anyone interested in music from it? I could upload it for you. Here's a small teaser.


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