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The Gutter Twins last night? Brilliant! Greg Dulli has owned my heart for ages (and he always will) but now, I confess, my soul belongs to Mark Lanegan, because:
- of his voice;
- of his happy disposition;
- of his stellar tattoos;
- of his leering at us (in the first row), especially when the lyrics were saying like a little whore;
- he got himself photographed with a dog that is an exact copy of my own pet;
- he almost smiled once during the show;
- there is a Vanessa Atalanta on the cover of his latest project, Soulsavers!

If you have ever heard what Lanegan sounds like, you know you cannot expect cheerful songs for untroubled minds. Album, though definitely on the dark and gloomy side, is really good.
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The Depeche Mode Fever is now officialy over. No food for the squee, no upcoming concerts and no new albums in predictable future. But.
Yesterday was the best.

When Depeche Mode first visited Warsaw in 1985, I was six years old and musically unaware.
Their second concert in the capital of Poland was rain-soaked, yet enjoyed by many but, alas, not me. Somehow it didn't fit into my music tastes back then, in September 2001.
The third gig has been their second show in Poland this year, with an altered summer setlist and open skies above. It had to be different from the March concert which, in itself, was absolutely wonderful.

let's get away just for one day )

And, goodness, I wish they did it again some time soon. I need things to look forward to.
Good thing we've got Depeche Mode Parties at least once a month.


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